Competence Network

Regional universities, research institutes, on-site companies and other institutions form a strong competence network in the field of polymers – particularly bio-polymers – at emmtec.

EMMTEC services
EMMTEC services as operator and main service provider at emmtec supports companies on site with comprehensive services and utilities.
Stenden Pre
Stenden PRE (Polymore Research & Education) with focus on on Bio-Polymers, Bio-Composites, Smart Materials, Recycling and Upcycling.
Stenden Hogeschool with programs in plastics technology & research (BSc.) and Polymer Engineering (MSc.).
Senbis Polymer Innovations with strong competence in application development, particularly with regard to (bio-based) fibers and yarns.
Strong network of polymer-related companies on site, including global players like DSM, Teijin and Low&Bonar.